Bernardo, its Osimhen must have PSG2023

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Manchester City midfielder Bernardo Silva and Napoli striker Victor Osimhen are two of their top targets at Paris Saint-Germain. Ready to chase after major surgery strategy

Reports from ‘Legip’ that PSG have just been eliminate from the Champions League round of 16 to Bayern Munich with a total of 0-3. Ltier hinte that he is fired at the end of the season, with Zinedine Zidane as a shove. 

On the strength side, I believe that Strategic Advisor Luis Campos will have a big change. Important is the case of Lionel Messi, who may not renew the contract ufabet

The inbound part focuses on the position of a playmaker like Bernardo, because he has experience playing in the French Ligue 1 with Monaco, the 2017 championship series. 

The reason behind the possibility is because the 28-year-old has always hinted that he wants to take on a new challenge. Including wanting to be closer to family and girlfriend.

So when rocking to Paris, life must have been easier. The whole contract is left until June 2025, enough to negotiate the price. 

Another target that PSG is aiming for is Osimen, the striker of ‘Azzurra’, whose performance of 19 goals in 21 games has attracted the attention of many clubs in the English Premier League. 

But the top team in Paris holds a selling point about the role of the club in the future. And familiarity with the French Ligue 1 because the 24-year-old star has previously played for Lille.