Dummy games, games with the most playing words

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dummy games, games with the most playing words.

vocabulary from cards

  • Color – The flower characteristics of the face of the card. Which have 4 flowers: spades, hearts, diamonds and clubs. There are only 2 colors of cards, black and red.
  • Draw pile – a pile of cards to draw.
  • Discarded Community – A face-up card discarded by the player in a row for storage.
  • Spato – Two of the most important cards in the game, Mam Spade and Two Clubs, have extra points.
  • Body – Side cards, spetto cards and head cards in a triple or sequential manner. Hitting the cards this year will result in other legs able to collect cards
  • White – a specific term for a spate of cards in a Tong style.
  • Field Card – The card the player discards into the pile. and circled in the pile 2-3 rounds
  • Head – The first face-up card so that the other leg discards the trailing card. If collecting to be born, you will get extra points.
  • Dummy – a card that can deposite. After a set of cards or a set of cards that have already occurre.
  • Favorite – The main card that the player holds. I didn’t want to drop it on the pile because I assumed it was a stupid card.
  • Fool – The last card in the pile. That the next leg is brought to and then joins the suit or knockout.
  • Small – Small numbered cards are 3,4,5.
  • Capital letters – J, Q, K, A cards .

Vocabulary in dummy games

  • Draw – Taking a card from the draw pile to match the suit of the hand. After drawing, one card must be discard.
  • Born – collecting cards in the pile to create a cascading suit or three sets for the first and subsequent times.
  • Tong – cards formed by the same set of numbers or letters. Which has different flowers of different colors from 3 (or 4 cards). When 3 sets are match, it is called 1 Tong set.
  • Sort – Cards formed in the same sequence of numbers or letters. 2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-JQKA 3 or more cards are called 1 set, each set can be arranged from anywhere, but not counting A-2-3 and KA-2.
  • Deposit – To put the cards of the hand into another player’s streak or triple suit. or your own This can only be done when your cards have been born before or are ready to deposit.
  • Knockout – Ending the dummy game Either the method of forming cards in a sequence or a triple, or depositing and having 1 card for knockout
  • Color Knock – Finish the dummy game with dark and light matching cards of the same color.

slang dummy game

  • Om – holds a sprite card in hand.
  • Jok, Luang – draw a card with a head guard or a spate. Then there is a discarded community card that can collect cards to be born.
  • Dress, Sculpt – Try to match as many cards in your hand as possible. with a draw or birth
  • Hit – discarding cards from hand to the midfield
  • Stupid hit – hit the card so that the lower leg collects that card and joins it in a row. or tong and knock
  • Chase – Hit the cards next to each other in a row or after the cards on the lower leg hit.
  • Teepee – Hit the spate or the counter on the cards. or more attacks from what is already there If the other leg collects to occur in that round, they lose extra points.
  • Dark – No cards are born yet. or all cards are in the player’s hand since the cards are dealt
  • Bright – There is a spawn of a player’s card.
  • Hit the building – the arrangement of the complete set of cards in the hand, but there are no knock-down cards.
  • Float – Knockout where a card can be drawn and knocked over immediately.
  • Roast – Wait for a fool or knock out with a dummy.
  • Lack Draw – Draw the last card to close the game.