Say goodbye to dry mouth with lip balms

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Honestly, lip balms are one of those things that everyone needs. Not only women but also boys can also use lip balms. But the important point is that we have to choose a lip balm that matches the skin of our lips. Does not irritate the skin of the lips. The ingredients or ingredients in the lip balm are very important. Another important point is the color. If you are a young man who just wants a smooth lip surface. But I don’t want anyone to know that if I come with a lip gloss, choose a colorless lip balm Don’t let the color go out too blatant, and for women, we are a little bit color lover, so you have to choose if you want a lip that looks a little orange, pink, or a little reddish. And for any girl who does not want to focus on color I want to make my lips look moist and healthy, I recommend the lip color is not too pigmented โปรโมชั่น ufabet

1. Dior Addict Lip Glow

(Price 1,250 baht per bar)

The first brand has to give dior, he really makes many young people fall in love with each other in a row. But with the price, it is so harsh Therefore having to cut one’s heart a little bit But if talking about quality We also guarantee that the smell is really good. Personally, we like it very much. The texture of the lip is smooth and not flaky. Anyone who is a dior, I would love this

2.Glossier Balm Dotcom Trio

(Price 630 baht)

Another one that is very popular recently. But the price is not light at all Having given its position to Glossier, the look is a bit different from normal lipsticks. Since it comes in a squeeze tube, it looks like a watercolor tube squeezed into the palette. Artistic women would love this lip a lot, and most importantly, the color scheme of the stick is very cute, not just red, pink or orange like normal lip if you want to cheer. We can tell you that we secretly give our hearts the mint color.

3. Lovella organics lip balms

(Price 290 baht per stick)

And I would like to recommend another new lip that looks clear, not greasy and sells very well and sells out very quickly. The highlight is this solution of blackened lips, easy to take, and most importantly , 100% organic lip balm with a smell. Soft rose fragrance The matter of applying and smooth, do not worry. Because definitely not flaky Another loss story. Absolutely no losers because it has been proven From real users Less than 1% chance of losing and using all natural ingredients that are organic, thus eliminating the fear of allergic lipstick. This lip balm is helpful in treating dark lips as well, so let’s focus on this. Soft pink

Now, there are also available for sale in organic shops, who have not tried it yet. I would like to say that I missed a lot.

4. Lip ice

(Price 79 baht)

Let’s take a look at the lipsticks for a tangible price. Many people should have seen each other through their eyes. With Lip Ice Sheer Color A sweet pink stick that is very cheap and has a good texture. Anyone who focuses on economical prices I assure you that you will definitely like this lip.

5. Soft Lip Care, pharmacist brand

(Stick price 79 baht / Cartridge type 15 baht)

This must be given to him as well. Many people are looking for each other to bother with Lip Man’s pharmacist. They are most often available at most pharmacies and the price is not harsh. Many people fell in love with each other quite a lot. With a comfortable price The color tone is not intense. It can be said that there is almost no color at all. But the lips are faintly pink, making the skin on the edge look quite good quality. New ladies have a tube already.

6. 3CE Barbapapa Tinted Treatment Lip Balm

(Price 499 baht)

Who is FC Korean cosmetics brand? Must give in to the cuteness of pink Barbapapa pink nets come in the shape of a triangle from 3CE that is already available in Thailand. Siam Square itself.