A total of 7 creams used by Peach fans

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Hello friends lovellatrendy Lovely everyone, I previously recommended cosmetics and skin creams to friends to try. Today we have a story of peaches or peaches to leave. Properties, nutritional values, friends can be read in the article. The benefits of peaches, but for today, let’s pamper the followers of peaches with processing them into skin care products a little. But what kind of interesting skin creams are there? We have compiled a list of these products in this article: “A total of 7 products of Peach follower”. Look at what these skin care products stand out for. For anyone who has never used this https://ufabet999.com way But if you’ve already used it, let’s see how interesting it will be. Which one is good? Let’s get started.

1. Oriental Princess Peach

The Garden Wonder Peach Hand Cream (right picture) is a hand and nail cream. Give a nice scent  Sweet and soft  from peach, protect the skin ready. Helps restore hand skin from dryness.  Long-lasting moisture lock (Picture on the left) A nourishing moisturizer that combines the value of fruit vitamins to nourish the skin to be soft, moisturized, and radiant. Makes the skin radiant, soft, smooth, looking and healthy.

2. Madelyn Booster Body Lotion Cream

Madeline Minions Booster Body Lotion Peach Passion is a peach scented body lotion. Awakening softness, rich in anti-oxidants, Friut Extract from peaches makes skin look younger It also keeps the skin moisturized all day long. The cream is soft and not sticky. Makes many young people fascinated with the fresh scent of peach blossoms and fruit. There is also a sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun. With vitamin E to add moisture and make the skin not dry, soft and pleasant to the touch

3. Skinfood Peach cotton cream

This is another brand from Korea. Peach cotton cream skinfood scent cream with peach extract provides full natural value, please all peach girls with the benefits of it that helps exfoliate old skin cells and create new skin cells for a fresh look. Softened with a mixture of vitamins, makes the skin look healthy. White, beautiful to the touch It also helps to reduce wrinkles, dullness, dark spots, dryness and dryness. Comes with Peach cotton toner, say goodbye to skin problems with confidence.

4.The Body Shop Peach

Of course, some women may be familiar with this brand, Body Shop from England. But in foreign countries it is a very popular brand Most of the products are extracted from various fruits. And one of them is peach extract. Which will come out in many models until the whole set is quite complete There are skin creams, lotions, shower creams, scrubs, and more. With properties that come from nature help to nourish the skin to look radiant. White like a heart for peach lovers, suitable for all skin types, both Asian and European.

5. Bath And Body Works Peach

This is another brand that offers a wide range of products and, most importantly, has a set that will please all peaches too.Pretty AS A PEACH comes in a variety of fragrances, soaps, moisturizers and more, complete with the value of peaches or peaches included in this brand. Assure that the girls will be moist and juicy with a natural white radiance with this skin care set.

6. Yves Rocher Peach

Yves Rocher was born in France in the 1950s under a deep fascination with the flora. And from the plant specimens of Grandfather Yves Rocher believes in the power of flora and specializes in bringing the unique and diverse properties of plants into beauty products. To preserve the beauty of all women, it is born as a natural beauty product which is popular with women all over the world. And is number 1 in France

7.Nature Republic Peach

A brand imported from Korea that meets the needs of peach fans very well. With the value of peach, it helps the skin smooth, soft, moist, look radiant. Long-lasting fragrance. Fragrant fresh and relaxing all day long. Because in addition to this brand, there will be a wide variety of cosmetic items ranging from lipstick, shower cream, lotion, and many more, and it is also guaranteed that it is popular in Korea and in our home for sure. Friends try it out. I guarantee you will not be disappointed for this brand. Leave another brand.